Purpose and Process

The Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel was formed in 2000.   The Panel is comprised of members of the general public appointed by the Minister Responsible for Crown Investments Corporation.

Panel Members are:

  • Albert Johnston, Chair
  • Delaine Barber, Vice-Chair
  • Steve Kemp
  • Duane Hayunga
  • Lyle Walsh
  • Daryl Hasein
  • Burl Adams

The Panel’s role is to conduct independent reviews and provide informed opinions on the fairness of rate changes proposed by SaskPower, SaskEnergy and SGI (on behalf of the Saskatchewan Auto Fund).

The Panel receives specific instructions on the scope of each review through a “ministerial order” through the Minister Responsible for Crown Investments Corporation.  The process generally includes:

  • Receipt of a rate change application from the Crown corporation which is posted on the Panel’s website.
  • Engagement of consultants to obtain technical advice on the application.
  • Hosting public meetings with participation from the Crown corporation seeking the rate change.
  • Receipt of written submissions from stakeholders.

After reviewing and analyzing the information available the Panel prepares a written report and submits it to the Minister Responsible for Crown Investments Corporation.  The Panel makes its report public through a news releases, and website posting.

The Saskatchewan Government makes the final decision on rate change requests.