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October 2, 2003

CIC and Saskatchewan Crown Corporations will invest $20 million over the next five years to create more opportunities for youth and aboriginal participation in the workforce. The Crown's Human Resource Infrastructure Investment will fund six new training and mentorship programs that will begin January 2004.

"We're building a bright future for our young people right here at home. Our Crown corporations are making a major contribution to ensuring that jobs, development opportunities, and careers will be there for our graduates – now and in years to come," Premier Lorne Calvert said.

The most compelling reason for this investment is that, by 2017, more than half of the current Crown employees are likely to retire (a cumulative effect of over 5,000 people). To fill that gap, CIC and the Crowns have created a human resource plan to make the most of one of Saskatchewan's greatest assets, its people.

To offset a potential labour shortage and ensure that there are a representative number of skilled individuals to fill key positions, the Crowns' work plan focuses on creating attractive career opportunities here in Saskatchewan. At the same time, it makes aboriginal participation a priority, noting that the engagement of the growing number of First Nations and Métis people is critical to Saskatchewan's economic growth.

Crowns want to be the employer of choice for Saskatchewan's youth and aboriginal people and will invest in the six-point work plan to develop their target workforce. The work plan will direct $6 million to Careers for Saskatchewan Youth/Aboriginals and, through internships and retirement replacements, fill more than 1,000 jobs in the next five years.

The remaining $14 million will fund program development and delivery of Leadership Development for Youth/Aboriginal ($4 million), Workplace and Career Mentorship ($2.2 million), Workplace Preparation & Development ($2.5 million), Youth Engagement and Awareness ($1.3 million) and Supporting Youth/Aboriginal and our educational institutions ($4 million).

These initiatives will be delivered through partnerships between the Crowns, educational institutions and community agencies.

"Today's announcement is about educating, and it is about taking concrete steps to build for our common futures," University of Regina President Dr. David Barnard said. "Through our own programs, as well as through our association with First Nations University of Canada, the University of Regina has always been about building a brighter and more optimistic future for the province of Saskatchewan, for young people and for aboriginal people. We are very pleased to bring our resources, our knowledge and our vision of a dynamic community to this partnership."

Acting President of the First Nations University of Canada, Wes Stevenson agrees. "Working with business, community and government partners, builds the strong foundation needed for a successful economy. The First Nations University of Canada has a solid reputation for preparing Aboriginals to succeed in many areas of the business sector. We are proud to contribute to initiatives that result in the future success of Aboriginal people in Saskatchewan."



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