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April 9, 2002

Over 5,000 people have used energycheck, the province's interactive home energy audit available on the SaskPower and SaskEnergy websites. That surpasses original estimates of 1,000 people getting an energy audit in one year.

The program helps Saskatchewan people pinpoint where to conserve energy in their home and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with their usage, while at the same time saving money on their natural gas and power bills.

"We felt about 1,000 people would use energycheck by October, 2002. Achieving 5,000 audits in just 6 months shows Saskatchewan people are very interested in learning how they can reduce their home energy use and costs," Crown Investment Corporation Minister Maynard Sonntag said. "After completing the audit, some residents have installed energy efficient furnaces, programmable thermostats in their homes or timers for outdoor plugs to block heaters."

energycheck involves a series of questions about a customer's appliances, heating and cooling systems, and other electrical and natural gas uses. Audit results itemize the average annual costs of the major household energy systems and provides an estimate of potential savings they can realize by updating their appliances or undertaking renovations.

Those who have used energycheck live right across Saskatchewan. Anyone can access energycheck's analysis and tips through the Internet.

SaskPower and SaskEnergy customers can enter their account number to access a special feature that will show them their previous year's electrical and natural gas consumption, a percentage breakdown of where they use energy and a complete list of tips for saving energy in their home.

energycheck is available at or, and click on energycheck.


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