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December 14, 1999

The government has accepted the Saskatchewan Interim Rate Review Panel's recommendation on SaskEnergy's rate change request.

"We have approved an increase to gas bills of 9.1 per cent," Crown Investments Corporation Minister John Nilson said. "We believe the Panel has done a thorough job of evaluating SaskEnergy's proposal. The panel's rationale for a 9.1 per cent increase, rather than the 10.2 per cent increase requested by SaskEnergy, is fair and reasonable."

As recommended by the panel, the increase takes effect December 15, 1999. It means an an extra $63 for a typical residential customer between now and next October. Saskatchewan's natural gas rates will continue to be among the lowest in Canada.

"We are pleased with the way this process for reviewing SaskEnergy's request has worked," Nilson said. "The Panel did a commendable job under difficult time constraints. We thank chairperson Gerald Fiske and panel members Bob Lacoursiere, Joan Meyer, and Frank Degenstein for their hard work and commitment to this task.

"We also thank the individuals and organizations who provided input into the review process by sending written submissions or appearing at public meetings. We appreciate their interest and assure them their views have been given full consideration."

The Interim Rate Review Panel will be in place for the next few months to review other rate change requests that may be put forward by Crown Corporations. Options for a permanent rate review body are being developed, and will be reviewed by the Crown Corporations Committee of the Legislature in the coming months.


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