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Crowns Partner with Local Developers to Streamline Installations

December 7, 2012

Saskatchewan Crown utilities will expand next year on a successful pilot project aimed at streamlining the installation of services in new neighbourhoods in Saskatoon and Regina.

SaskPower, SaskEnergy and SaskTel teamed up to develop a joint approach to the design and installation of utility services in new subdivisions.

Starting in 2013, rather than have the Crown utilities install their facilities as separate projects, local developers under the guidance of the Crowns will have the option to co-ordinate the process. This only applies to main services for subdivisions, as the Crowns will still be responsible for installation of individual service lines to homes.

Developers will be able to hire their own engineering and construction firms in order to control the timing of the installation of shallow services in a single trench. This is a more timely process for developers preparing new subdivisions, while allowing SaskPower, SaskTel and SaskEnergy to concentrate their resources on other service expansion projects associated with the province's growth.

One pilot project was completed in Saskatoon's Rosewood subdivision, while another is about to get underway in Regina's Creeks subdivision. The Crowns will refine this process and make it available to all developers in Regina and Saskatoon for the 2013 construction season.

"This new process is a winning combination for all concerned," Crown Investments Corporation Minister Donna Harpauer said. "Developers are able to complete new subdivisions according to their own timelines supported by the expertise of private sector engineering and construction firms, while the Crowns free up valuable resources to meet new customer demands in other sectors."

Under this model, the Crowns approve the projects and inspect the results to ensure they meet the required standards. When complete, the Crowns own, operate and maintain the facilities.

"Since 2007, each of our Crown utilities have installed services for more than 30,000 new customers," Harpauer said. "This new process is another example of how they are responding to the needs of businesses during this period of unprecedented growth in a thriving economy."


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