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November 23, 1998

Eldon Lautermilch, Chairperson for the Saskatchewan Forest Products Corporation (SFPC), joined with Mayor Don Cody of Prince Albert today to announce the transfer of the SFPC Bioreactor and its 15th Street East Property to the City of Prince Albert. The City will assume the operating costs of the bioreactor as well as responsibility for treating contaminated soil at the bioreactor site.

"This transaction demonstrates the positive working relationship the Provincial government has with the City of Prince Albert," Lautermilch said. "SFPC and the City will benefit because the property will soon be cleaned up and the City will be able to use the bioreactor at its sewage treatment plant for years to come."

The bioreactor was constructed in 1994 by SFPC to treat creosote contaminated soil removed from SFPC's wood treatment site located in Prince Albert on 15th Street East. The City will finish treating the remaining contaminated soil from the 15th Street property and clean up the bioreactor site, then use the bioreactor to compost sewage sludge from its new secondary sewage treatment plant which will be operating by 1999.

"This is a good example of how two levels of government can work in partnership to use resources efficiently," Cody said. "SFPC will save money by turning over its clean-up obligations to us, and we will save money on an important piece of equipment for our sewage treatment plant. It makes sense from both sides."

Lautermilch added that there could be other broader economic benefits of the transaction. The remediated property at the bioreactor site is expected to be used for industrial purposes. As well, the bioreactor could be used to compost other materials in the city.


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