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December 13, 2006

Opportunities for Saskatchewan to achieve its goal of becoming a North American leader in safe, renewable energy sources and conservation have been outlined in a new report presented to Premier Lorne Calvert today.

"By the third decade of this century, we want one-third of the energy needs of Saskatchewan people to be met by renewable sources, and to lead the country in energy conservation practices," Calvert said. "This report provides important options to consider in the months ahead, as we develop a blueprint for achieving our vision and advancing Saskatchewan as a leader in environmental sustainability and the green economy."

Following extensive consultations throughout North America, Saskatoon Greystone MLA Peter Prebble has developed 32 recommendations, outlined in his report entitled Renewable Energy Development and Conservation in Saskatchewan. They range from ideas to encourage business and residents to conserve energy to suggestions for growing Saskatchewan's renewable energy generation capacity. The recommendations include:

• A legislated Renewable Energy and Conservation Portfolio Standard for the electricity sector;

• Major investments in conservation initiatives, including an expanded EnergyShare conservation program;

• An important role for large scale wind power;

• Net metering for small scale producers of green electricity;

• The promotion of higher building energy efficiency standards; and

• An expanded role for the Office of Energy Conservation.

"Saskatchewan has already taken significant steps toward a green and prosperous economy, which will bring lasting benefits to today's families and to future generations," Prebble said. "This report recognizes that, over time, we can build upon the strong actions we have taken on wind power, ethanol production, carbon dioxide sequestration and our EnergyShare residential conservation program."

While this report focuses on the electricity and building sectors, Prebble is expected to table a second report in June 2007, addressing transportation, ethanol and bio-diesel production, and opportunities in the north.

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