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October 3, 2006

Minister responsible for Saskatchewan's Forestry Secretariat Eldon Lautermilch expressed his concern today for the workers, families and communities affected by Weyerhaeuser's announcement regarding the future of its Hudson Bay and Carrot River mills.

"Our first concern is for the workers and their families," Lautermilch said. "The news is distressing. We are disappointed the company was not more creative in exploring options to keep the Carrot River and Hudson Bay mills operational."

Weyerhaeuser Corporation, based in Tacoma Washington, announced yesterday it had given 90 day layoff notice to a total of approximately 300 workers at the Hudson Bay plywood mill and Carrot River sawmill.

A year ago Weyerhaeuser announced it would close its Prince Albert pulp and paper mill. The paper line was shutdown in January, while the pulp mill closed in April.

"We are committed to working with the communities affected by the closures, with the goal of building a competitive and sustainable industry that will attract investment and get people working," Lautermilch said. "On Thursday, our Premier will receive a report from his Forestry Task Force that lays out a vision of the future for this industry."



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