Saskatchewan Government Insurance


SGI was established in 1945 to provide affordable, quality insurance to Saskatchewan people.  Under the trade name SGI Canada, it conducts a competitive property and casualty insurance business in seven Canadian provinces.  It offers a comprehensive line of home, tenant, farm, automobile extension, and commercial coverage.   SGI Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIC.

SGI also administers the Saskatchewan Auto Fund, the province’s compulsory auto insurance program and the provider of its driver’s licensing and vehicle registration system.  The Auto Fund is a not for profit operation which does not receive money from or pay dividends to, the province.  It is not a subsidiary Crown corporation.  The financial results of the Auto Fund are not included in CIC’s or SGI’s consolidated financial results.

Inquiry: 1-844-855-2744
Head Office: 2260 – 11th Ave
Regina, Sask.
S4P 0J9