The Holding Company

CIC is the financially self-sufficient holding company for the province’s commercial Crown Corporations. In its oversight role, CIC is responsible for developing broad policy control, directing investment, and routing dividends into the Provincial Government’s consolidated fund.

CIC oversees and manages a comprehensive framework designed to strengthen governance, performance, and accountability of subsidiary Crowns. CIC also assists Crown boards in discharging their responsibility of overseeing and directing the management of the Crowns. CIC is committed to implementing governance, reporting, and disclosure practices consistent with those of publicly-traded companies, where such practices can reasonably be applied to the public sector. Specifically, CIC provides oversight on behalf of the shareholder for the Crown sector by:

  • promoting best practices in governance by defining roles and authorities supported by advisory services to subsidiary Crown Boards and Crown sector policies.
  • providing strategic direction from the shareholder and holding company.
  • establishing and monitoring performance management, including quarterly financial and performance reporting to the CIC Board of Directors.