Finance and Administration

The Finance Administration Division provides analysis and recommendations to the CIC Board on a wide range of Crown sector business issues. The division provides:

  • strategic shareholder direction to the Crown sector and internal corporate planning
  • oversight of Crown corporation performance management and capital allocation plans
  • sector-wide financial reporting and forecasting
  • management of CIC's budget and financial transactions
  • internal audit function for smaller subsidiary Crown corporations
  • corporate administrative support and information technology
Senior Staff Accountant, Financial Reporting
Staff Accountant, Financial Reporting
Director, Internal Audit
Senior Analyst, Performance Mgmt. and Fin. Analysis 306-787-0208
Connelly, Erin
Senior Strategic Planner, Performance Mgmt. and Fin. Analysis (On Leave)
Executive Secretary
Guraluick, Melanie Assistant Controller 306-787-2132
Haubrich, Pam Senior Auditor, Internal Audit 306-787-2659
Hiebert, Kimberly Analyst, Performance Mgmt. and Fin. Analysis 306-787-4553
Hillmer, Kyla
Executive Director, Performance Mgmt. and Fin. Analysis
Hunt, Brad Intermediate Analyst 306-787-3870
Jean-Baptiste, Cherish Strategic Planner 306-787-3415
Massier, Travis Corporate Controller 306-787-7264    
McClare, Michael Director, Performance Mgmt. and Fin. Analysis 306-787-2714
Mitchell, Tessa Corporate Planner (On Leave) 306-787-7651
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Corporate Services Specialist
Executive Secretary
Schneider, Derek Corporate Planner 306-787-6249
Sleightholm, Jordan Senior Analyst, Performance Mgmt. and Fin. Analysis 306-787-7732
Stewart, Mark Intermediate Analyst, Performance Mgmt and Fin. Analysis 306-787-9355
Thacyk, Jennifer Senior Auditor, Internal Audit 306-787-0641
Tysdal, Kathy Accounting Clerk 306-787-1251